9 Ways to Open a Jar Lid

You have tried all of the conventional tactics but that stubborn lid won’t come off. You turned, begged, pleaded, and cursed, but nothing proved useful. But you don’t have to give up as we have a few tips that can help you open a struck lid. Read on to know more.

Slap the base

Before you try any tool, you may want to invert the jar and slap its base holding the jar in your hand. This will help you break the seal and open the jar in a few seconds. Slapping the base of the jar a few times will open it eventually.

Use a knife

For this trick, you need a butter knife. All you have to do is slide the knife between the jar and the lid twisting slightly for breaking the seal. This should be done carefully so as not to break the jar. violet glass

Bang it

At times, banging a few times works. What you need to do is strike the lid of the jar against a hard surface at around 45 degrees angle. By hard surface, we mean a counter or sink, for instance. Alternatively, you can hit the jar or bottle with a hard object, such as a wooden spoon. Don’t hit too hard or the lid will become harder to open.

Use hot water

This is another simple method. All you have to do is drop hot water on the lid for a few minutes. You can then grab the lid with a towel to open it up. Actually, heat causes the metal lid to expand, making it easier for you to break the seal.

Use a jar opener

If none of the methods works, you can try out a jar opener. This tool is designed for adults with neurological impairments. This will help you use less energy in order to open the jar.

Use traction

At times, your hands don’t have the required traction to get the lid opened. In this case, you can use a rough towel, rubber gloves or a damp sponge. You can also wrap a rubber band around the lid edge for extra traction. Then you should twist firmly and the lid will come off.

Break the seal

If you don’t need to use the lid again, we suggest that you make it go away. What you need to do is pry the lid open. Another way is to punch holes in the jar lid for breaking the seal. If you don’t have a bottle opener, you can use a spoon.

Wear your tap shoes

At times, food particles are stuck around the bottle or jar lid. To dislodge the food particles, all you have to do is tap on the jar lid. In most cases, this method works well.

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