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    Đề thi IELTS task 2 ra mắt ngày 30/9 tương đối dễ cho các bạn thi trong tháng 09. Cùng xem nhé.

    Task 1: Tables
    Task 2: The best way to reduce youth crimes is to educate thier parents with parental skills. To what extent you agree or disagree ?

    Ngày 21/09:
    Task 1: Pie Charts
    Tak 2: As life expectancy is increasing, people work after retirement with pay. Alternatively, some people start to work at a young age. Are these positive or negative impacts ?

    Ngày 16/09:
    Task 1: Map
    Task 2: Students leave high school without learning the way how to manage thier money. What are the reasons and solutions of this issue ?

    Ngày 9/09:
    Task 1:Maps
    Task 2: Anybody can use a mobile phone to answer the work and personal calls at any time or 7 days a week. Does this development have more positive or negative effects on both individials and society ?

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